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May, June July 2018

Posted by Esyllt on July 27, 2018 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

These last three months have given us three very successful workshops which were well attended by members. Batik on Tissue with Jenny O’Leary proved to be very creative and Amand Hislop’s visit was also a resounding success, relaxed and interesting.  Enid Davies’ workshop with painted Bondaweb was very well-planned and and provided much inspiration.  We are now preparing for our annual exhibition following the the theme of the Sea “Ar lan y môr”. It was very pleasing to find that 35 members are partaking and that there are at least 85 exhibits!  The “hanging” committee has a pleasant headache now preparing for the exhibition as they also have the installation to set up where a variety of Shells or Beach Houses will be for sale in aid of the Mumbles Lifeboat Station/ RNLI there. Our re-vamped banner will be on display at the Grand too and so far all comments have been complimentary.   Our exhibition will be officially opened on Saturday 11th August at 3 pm by Katie Allen.  

We look forward to seeing our members at the opening and during the two weeks after that at the various exhibitions, workshops and Maker’s Market around Swansea which are all part of the bi-annual Swansea Festival of Stitch. 

Workshops February, March and April 2018

Posted by Esyllt on April 29, 2018 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)
 Our February workshop had to be changed at the last minute as the propsed tutor was unable to attend much to our disappointment.  However we were very lucky to be offered a screen printing workshop at the Gower College premises where we were able to use the equipment to print images - much of which was relevamnt to this year's theme of the sea.  Everyone enjoyed the day.  It was unfortunate that our next workshop coincided with heavy snowfall and as our tutor- Angie Hughes - was snowed in at home in Ledbury the workshop had to be cancelled.  However Angie immediately rebooked for June 2019 when hopefully there will be no snow!   Pauline Barnes was the tutor for the April workshop and we went home with many samples using Lutrador and Tyvek  - and rock pools are a definite possibility with the Tyvek samples!

Donation to Maggie's Centre Swansea

Posted by Esyllt on April 29, 2018 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I have received a letter of thanks for the recent donation of £1,529.21 to Maggie's Centre Swansea. The letter can be viewed on Facebook. The money was raised partly from the sale of the kantha pieces at our Exhibition at Swansea Museum last September. Following that we had a very successful coffee morning in November where a very respectable sum was raised making the total well over £1,300. The decision to donate to Maggie's was made because one of our members had received so much support there last year.. Thank you all who made this possible. This year our theme for the Exhibition is "Ar Lan y Mor" which literally means At the Seaside but can be far more widely interpreted as anything to do with the sea. We will be occupying the hall and 2nd floor of the Grand Theatre which is a considerable space. Our Installation pieces will be sea related - Beach House or Shell(s). These should be no more than 20cm in any direction and will be sold to support the RNLI at £5-£20 each.

2018 WORKSHOPS April -November

Posted by Esyllt on March 18, 2018 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (1)


       April 7th. Lutradur and Tyvek.  Pauline Barnes.

       May 5th.  Batik on Tissue.         Jenny O’Leary.

       June 2nd. Where Sea meets the Shore.  Amanda Hislop.

       July 7th.  Painted Bondaweb.  Enid Davies

        August 4th.   Hand in Day for Exhibition

        August 10th - August 24th. Summer Exhibition at the Grand Theatre Swansea.

        August 11th. Official opening of Exhibition  3pm

        September 1st. Felt with Mandy Nash

        October 6th   Black and White textures   Jacqui Cotterill  

        November 3rd  Lumps, Bumps and Holes: Texture Techniques in felt  Pat Johnson

        December 1st   Christmas Lunch  

Jane Davies wkshop

Posted by Sonia on November 16, 2016 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi All,

A full wkshop for the Kantha Quilting wkshp and two on the waiting list, though some managed to get on with a couple of people withdrawing which would have made a total of 24 wanting to be there! Is this an indication of what everyone wants and needs!

It was a beautiful, relaxing and productive wkshop with lots of deliberation about choice of delicious coloured fabrics first, then how big,small, and what position and then what threads to use!. This was followed by stitching in just one running stitch, as big or small as you wanted, in whatever direction in order to acheive a texture to the surface of your piece. the results on the day were pretty amazing but since then more stitches have been added as each piece has shrunk in size but grown in interesting textures casting shadows and highlights in beguiling ways!!!!

 I have finally edited the pictures to go with this but am awaiting some help to put names to all the work, will hopefully get this help on friday!

 We hope that everyone will be able to share this great technique with the lovely colours that can be used for our next exhibition, maybe as an installation? who knows where this can lead.

a lovely time was had by all, thank you Jane!

Claires' Eco Dye Workshop

Posted by Sonia on October 7, 2016 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi All,

I have just uploaded images of some of the great dyed fabrics acheived at the Eco Dye Workshop with Claire Cawte, greatfully taken and submitted by Sonia. We all had a great time messing about with leaves, petals, seeds, berries, bits of iron and coppers all rolled up in fabric and tied tightly with string [or threads if you thought of it]

What had previously, at least for me. been a scary subject with mordants and alum etc, turned out o be not so hard after all and although you can never quite gauranteewhat the result will be with the Eco printing the possibilities are endless and only governed by your resources and imagination. I have already purchased a steamer and a dedicated saucepan for dyeing!

Claire was free with her expertise and knowledge and had some fab samples with her including all her samples from her degree course. The necessary Alum, white vinegar and iron water was provided by Claire but so many of the different mordants are in your own home already so all the excuses not to do this type of dyeing where the colours are so subtle and gorgeous are no longer valid.

With Colour being the theme for our next exhibition the possibilities are exciting!

Swansea Festival of Stitch

Posted by Enid Davies on August 21, 2016 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi All,

Well all the hard work WAS worth the effort 'cos the Festival has been a resounding success. It was just great to see all the other groups exhibitions and appreciate all that is going on in the Swansea/Neath area. Everyone excelled themselves to reflect the theme of Childrens Literature with glorious colour, fabulous humour, clever inspiration, and of course, exquisite stitch. Not to mention all the street art would be a crime, I have been bowled over by the ingenuity? of how well it has withstood the vagaries of the weather and how children have interacted with it all.

The Makers Market and the Weavers Spinners and Dyers along with Rachel and Katrina attracted lots of interest with quality work for sale and on display, and they all said they would like to come back again to our friendly Festival!

So a huge thank you goes to you all for your contribution however big or small, it all counted in the success, for the fund raising, both for the Festival and for our Roald Dahl Charity, for the manning of the exhibition, I know many visitors were very grateful, and it was fun too to hear all the praise for all your fabulous work in our stunning exhibition. Congratulations to all who have sold their work, there is still time for more! Mark and the staff delighted with the massive increase in footfall.

So is it all going to happen again? A lot of interest has been generated and  I believe that there will now be more people interested in joining in with all the work necessary for the management of  the Festival. I will not be one of them but wish them every success in the continuation of the Swansea Festival of Stitch. 

Threads of the Unexpected

Posted by Sonia on August 7, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Everyone,

Oh dear is it really April the last time I made an entry here!

Huge Congratulations to everyone that contributed to our fabulous exhibition at the Ceri Richards Gallery, thirty four members which was brilliant, a couple of regular exhibitors weren't able to make it this year, but it is still a record number, with I think nearly 70 exhibits!!!!!! This of course is nothing compared to the number of Sweets, bookmarks, bookcovers etc that I am sure that everyone was responsible for with a fantastic response.

It has been a hectic year but those who were at the opening and also visited the Gallery since, have to be thrilled and delighted with how well our work has been hung and displayed. Glenys Cour opened the exhibition and was surprised and generous in her praise for the standard of the work.

The hard work that has been put in by the committee in getting all your creations to this result is prodigious in its commitment to acheiving the best results. Many thanks to you all for making my job so easy! special thanks to Marilyn as exhibition officer in organising it all, especially with the extra work with street art, ably assissted by Rhian and Bernice. Thanks to Karen who I couldn't do without and who has been such an encouraging voice throughout the year without nagging! Wendy for her help with delivering your work safely and putting up sweeties.

Our thanks also to Esyllt who once again translated your words into Welsh for the brochure. sorry that there were a few hic ups with the brochure, the pages got muddled at the printers as I used a different format, however I was delighted with the photo quality and I hope you enjoy your free copy. I am having problems with my memory card and the computer so not all images are up yet, all those in the brochure but there are more to come, also no finished editing names and titles, will get there

Free pat testing, no entry fee and the free brochure has been our way of  giving back to you the members, we are still maintaining a fairly healthy bank balance, but we would still like you to consider how we should spend any temporary surplus for the benefit of all.

Thank you to all those who have voluteered to man the exhibition during Festival fortnight. Whenever I go to and exhibition I always have questions and appreciate if there is someone there who can help!

Don't forget to support all the other groups who are exhibiting both in galleries and on the street, there is some beautiful, enticing, exciting, quirky, funny, endearing, challanging, technically brilliant work out there which is exactly what the Festival of Stitch set about providing for general public consumption as well as our own!

Thank you all

Wendy Dolan workshop

Posted by Enid Davies on April 3, 2016 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi All,

I have just posted images of most of the work done by members at the Saturday workshop that was quite productive with images starting for Roald Dahl influenced artwork. Sorry only seem to have some images and apologies for not remembering names.

Wendy is an experience free machine embroiderer and brought with her a range of her beautiful work and a huge stage by stage process samples to explain how she gets her results, sharing without hesitation her skills and techniques. Very professional and had even brought with her, spare darning feet for those who were without,myself included as my daughter conveniently had mislaid mine!

A full on day but we all had the basis on which to carry on and complete a piece of work for the Exhibition.  Success for me just starting on my first piece for Itchy Fingers based on Revolting Rhymes and Cinderella.

Hope you are all gettin on better than me, the last workshop with Mel Jones sounded like you all had a great and productive time.

Mel's Workshop

Posted by Enid Davies on April 3, 2016 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Have just managed to upload the images that Rachel kindly sent me, but sorry I have no names to who did what!

enjoy anyway, if anyone can submit a report of the day, i can upload it, or you can too!